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Tosantos – Atapuerca

Again, not a good night’s sleep. There were some comments about my snoring and I felt a bit paranoid about it over breakfast. You can only console yourself by knowing that everyone has their night or nights of snoring on the Camino. I had heard it all! At least the weather was better and becoming […]

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Grañon – Tosantos

I wasn’t sure if I had slept well or not. The thin mattresses were not the most comfortable, and as usual there was a snorer or two, probably I was snoring as well. Maybe I should have gone to the mediation session held the previous night. The albergue provided a good breakfast and great coffee […]

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Najera – Grañon

It was a long hard climb out of Najera but the country was good. It seemed like it was changing, getting dryer. Leaving behind the greenery of the last few days. the heat was building and there was a definite change in climate. I walked some way up the hill and caught up with Pascal, […]

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Logroño – Najera

I was glad that I carried the shoes I found at Roncesvalles. The previous evening with the boots being so wet, I was able to leave the albergue with them – impossible otherwise as my walking boots were soaking and stuffed with paper. This morning they were still wet but not saturated. Everyone had the […]

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Los Arcos – Logroño

It was 7.30am when I left the albergue. It was only 14 degrees centigrade with tomorrow’s weather being forecast as hot. Somehow I didn’t believe the forecast. David from Madrid was also surprised at the weather since crossing into Spain. I went for a look at the church but it was locked. I had forgotten […]

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Estella – Los Arcos

It was early and there was a lot of movement in the dormitory. I arose to be one of a handful still packing at 6.30am. At 6.50am one of the ‘friendly’ volunteers from the albergue said ‘Good Morning – Lets go!’. I was happy to leave as the atmosphere in the albergue had not been […]

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Puente la Reina – Estella

Outside the albergue there were two horses tied up western style awaiting their riders. There was Mara who had walked and ridden from Zurich in Switzerland and Valentin who had journeyed from South-West France. They were the first horse borne pilgrims I had seen on the Way. I had already seen a lady and her […]

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