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Pedrouzo – Santiago de Compostela

This would be the last day of walking the intended route. Though I was determined to continue to the coast at Cape Finisterre. In Lectoure so many days ago I had laid my rucksack against a wall outside a supermarket. The scallop of Saint James on the rucksack had broken into three pieces. I had […]

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Near Castaneda – Pedrouzo

I slept well under the open sky. Waking at about 6am as it got light, the fog still covered me like a blanket. The fog was dense and the air heavy with moisture. I packed up and went back to the road unsure of exactly where I was. The fog was so thick that it […]

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Portomarin – Near Castaneda

The morning was damp and humid after the huge storm last night. After breakfast I finally found the way out of town, down to the edge of the reservoir and across a narrow iron footbridge. Climbing upwards on a good wide path, the trees dripped their water as they shed the weight of the storm. […]

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Barbadelo – Portomarin

Unlike O Cebreiro, Barbadelo was on the edge of a low valley. On waking, the day outside looked miserable. It was raining and there was a lot of cloud and mist. It was cold and damp. There was nowhere to get breakfast so I heated some coffee in the utensil-free kitchen using my own pots. […]

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Triacastela – Barbadelo

Sleeping outside invariably means waking up early with the dawn. The two Serenas had already left before sunrise keen to cover the kilometres and to avoid the heat of the day. Ray was more relaxed and set off later while I stopped to admire the Church of Santiago and its iron scallop designs. Triacastela was […]

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O Cebreiro – Triacastela

All was misty, cloudy and quite strange when I awoke. It looked like a day of walking in the clouds but after breakfast the view was fantastic. The cloud had receded and was sitting in the deep valleys below O Cebreiro. The sun glowed strongly over the cloud and made for a very mystical view. […]

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Pereje – O Cebreiro

Serena, Serena and I woke early on the terrace of our makeshift outside ‘albergue’. It had been a cold night but we survived! It was not yet light as the man from the cafe arrived to open up. We thought it best to pack up quickly. Were we in trouble? He simply said ‘Good Morning’. […]

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