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Pamplona – Puente la Reina

As I left the Albergue Jesus y Maria, Bernard, Pascal and Jérôme emerged. Jérôme was going to take a bus as he was not feeling well. Aline from Quebec in Canada was also there and would join Jérôme on the bus trip as her back was causing her some problems. Aline was 78 and had […]

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Larrasoaña – Pamplona

I awoke early to find everyone suiting up for the rain. It was cold and damp and had been raining all night. Everyone seemed resigned to a day of walking in the rain. The happiness of walking in Spain had been tempered by the wet. I was feeling quite low, tired and lonely. Perhaps the […]

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Roncesvalles – Larrasoaña

That was the first night in Spain for me. At 5.00am there was movement in the huge dormitory as some were keen to get going. Head torches flashed around and the sound of packing sacks could be heard. I was not fully awake yet and had that ‘where am I?’ feeling. Suddenly the lights went […]

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Saint Jean Pied de Port – Roncesvalles

I was looking forward to today with some excitement. The thought of walking over the border from one country to another signified how far I had come since setting off some thirty days ago from Le Puy en Velay. Other walkers and pilgrims shared the excitement. For some it was their first day of a […]

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Uhart Mixe – Saint Jean Pied de Port

I awoke more inspired today even though it was still wet and cloudy. I realised that later that day I would arrive in Saint Jean Pied de Port! That was the final destination for many on the Via Podiensis, but for me it was the half way point to Santiago de Compostela. I had slept […]

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Navarrenx – Uhart Mixe

I was tired and the weather was cloudy and uninspiring. Some days the Way was difficult, other days it was wonderful and revealing. Like life. Reflecting again on the distance to go I felt that there was so much more walking to do but I never wanted to give up. The fact that it was […]

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Maslacq – Navarrenx

In the morning breakfast was laid out on the table. There had been a couple who also stayed the night but they had left much earlier. It was the best breakfast yet. Breads, ginger cake, coconut cake, yoghurt, fruit juice and a flask of fresh coffee. There was even a note from the lady of […]

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