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Molinaseca – Pereje

This would be a strange day! Yesterday when I arrived at the Cruz de Ferro, I felt that my walk was complete. The Iron Cross was like the end of the pilgrimage but of course it was not. At the Cross I felt a lot of emotion. A lot of loss and a lot of […]

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Rabanal del Camino – Molinaseca

It was a cold chill morning in Rabanal del Camino. Mist lay in the valley below and the sun struggled to add some heat to the day. It was early when I left the albergue. Near the main street, I saw a young couple arguing about which direction to go. They were heading back the […]

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Hospital de Orbigo – Rabanal del Camino

I met Patricia just after breakfast (sorry, I don’t have a photograph of her even though we met and walked several times!). She had not slept well. During the night a group had arrived. I refrain from calling them pilgrims as they were apparently loud and boisterous even at 1am – not pilgrim behaviour. When […]

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Villar de Mazarife – Hospital de Orbigo

It had been a late night last night so few were out of bed before ten. As it was a private albergue, the Paraiso de Jesus wasn’t in a hurry to throw anyone out. We all sat in the garden listening to some laid back music trying not to think of the effort it would […]

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Leon – Villar de Mazarife

I had heard that Kaas was suffering from tendonitis. I had not seen him for a while so that explained his absence. He had been advised by a doctor to take several days rest which was what he was doing back along the track. I also got a message from Lorenzo. He was approaching Astorga […]

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Reliegos – Leon

No matter how many days you walk, its amazing how each day has its flavour, its atmosphere, its weather. Today was not hot nor cold, not wet nor dry, just different. The way out of Reliegos followed a road to Mansilla de las Mulas. There was no traffic apart from a couple of tractors. In […]

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El Burgo Ranero – Reliegos

I awoke early to the shining sunrise not really sure where I was. I had slept well in the bivi bag on the edge of town. Hungry I headed into El Burgo Ranero to find a cafe. There were two next to each other in the centre of town. At the first cafe I bought […]

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