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Uhart Mixe – Saint Jean Pied de Port

I awoke more inspired today even though it was still wet and cloudy. I realised that later that day I would arrive in Saint Jean Pied de Port! That was the final destination for many on the Via Podiensis, but for me it was the half way point to Santiago de Compostela. I had slept […]

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Navarrenx – Uhart Mixe

I was tired and the weather was cloudy and uninspiring. Some days the Way was difficult, other days it was wonderful and revealing. Like life. Reflecting again on the distance to go I felt that there was so much more walking to do but I never wanted to give up. The fact that it was […]

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Maslacq – Navarrenx

In the morning breakfast was laid out on the table. There had been a couple who also stayed the night but they had left much earlier. It was the best breakfast yet. Breads, ginger cake, coconut cake, yoghurt, fruit juice and a flask of fresh coffee. There was even a note from the lady of […]

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Uzan – Maslacq

The forecast for today was for temperatures of 30 degrees Centigrade, hotter than yesterday. I had completed over 30 kilometres the day before and my feet were telling me the story. I was rapidly coming to the conclusion that anything over 25 kilometres was when the problems started. Other walkers had come to the same […]

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Miramont Sensacq – Uzan

I started at 6am after a good sleep. The routine of early to bed and early to rise was becoming easier. The last four weeks of walking had been exhausting at times, and it was necessary to preserve energy with good quality sleep. The early morning mist was starting to rise as the early rays […]

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Aire sur l’Adour – Miramont Sensacq

It had been almost five weeks since I had been in any form of motorised vehicle. After moving at a slow walking pace for so long, we seemed to be going very fast in Francoise’s car as they took me back to Aire sur l’Adour. It was 25 kilometres to town and we talked about […]

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Nogaro – Aire sur l’Adour

Nogaro is a small town established in the 11th century. It takes its name from ‘nogarium’ meaning ‘ a place with walnuts plantations’. After leaving the gite it was just over a kilometre to the town centre. I had a coffee at one of the town’s restaurants. There was a lot of traffic including some […]

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Eauze – Nogaro

I started later this morning from Eauze after cleaning the feet to prevent any blister infection. I reflected on how even though I still had some small blisters, the feet were generally behaving themselves. As long as the feet were clean they were no problems. The discomfort soon disappeared after a few kilometres. Many had […]

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Lasserre de Haut – Eauze

Hot coffee and bread for breakfast. The day was cool and windy and perfect weather for walking. Joelle in the Gite accepted no payment for my stay. I had taken many photographs of the house both inside and out and all she wanted was for me to send her a post card from Santiago de […]

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La Romieu – Lasserre de Haut

‘Le Camp de Florence’ camp site was still damp when I awoke and I had to pack up a wet tarp and bivi bag. It was a great nights sleep even in the rainy conditions. Breakfast consisted of fresh Pain aux Raisins and coffee at the camp site bar and my spirits lifted. I followed […]

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