Wind and Cloud in the Pyrenees

The wind was gusting 120 km per hour. One three steps forward, two steps back. It was a steep climb in very difficult conditions. The first 17km was all up before the descent in a sheltered woodland down to Roncesvalles in Spain. The short video shows the clouds scudding across the hills on the other side of the valley. Turn up the sound to hear the wind!

Cuban Dancer in Pamplona

I was walking around Pamplona taking photos when I hear the music in the distance. In a Pelote court nearby there was a South American music festival. This guy really knew how to move!!

Looking Back to Pamplona

The visibility was not so good however you can just make out Pamplona and the Pyrenees Mountains behind. The climb to this point was steady and not too steep. It continued further however.

Early Morning Frog and Bird Calls

Just after breakfast I started the long walk towards Reliegos. Leaving the town of El Burgo Ranero there was some peaceful marshland. The early morning chorus of frogs and birds was a great way to start the day. Turn up the sound!

Spanish Guitar Music in Villar de Mazarife

The wine started to flow and a local arrived with his guitar. Everyone was relaxed and happy after a big meal. We were all entertained for a quite a while by Pepe and his guitar.

Slow Speed Snail

While on a particularly long, straight and slow stretch through Castille I came across a snail. Watching it reminded me of my progress across the hot flat land. Speeding up its movement using time lapse on the camera gave me some inspiration and encouragement. No matter how slow things seem, you are always moving forward.

Fast Walkers

On the same long 17km stretch, time lapse experiments produced some fast walkers!

Party in the streets of Leon

As I wandered around after dinner, the people of Leon were preparing for the start of the Spain vs. Portugal world cup match. Everyone was sitting outside in the cafes and restaurants watching huge television screens. Others were dancing and making music.

Street Opera

These two gentlemen had found some perfect acoustics in the Plaza in Santiago de Compostela. They were fantastic singers and drew a large crowd late in the evening. Great entertainment.

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