The Compostela

Dusty Track Compostela

The Credential is your proof of completing the pilgrimage.

Make sure that your Credential is stamped at least once, preferably twice, per day as proof of your journey. With the advent of motorised transport, and more recently, some have been cheating! The requirement to have the Credencial stamped more than once per day increases if you are planning to complete only the last 100km or 200km of the Way.

On completion of the journey, the Credencial is presented at the Pilgrims’ Office in Santiago de Compostela. If your journey has been for religious or spiritual purposes, then a Compostela will be issued. There is a second form of the Compostela given when you mention other reasons for undertaking the Way.

The Compostela is in Latin and a translation follows …

The Chapter of this Holy Apostolic Metropolitan Cathedral of St. James, custodian of the seal of St. James’ Altar, to all faithful and pilgrims who come from everywhere over the world as an act of devotion, under vow or promise to the Apostle’s Tomb, our Patron and Protector of Spain, witnesses in the sight of all who read this document, that: Mr … has visited devoutly this Sacred Church in a religious sense (pietatis causa).

Witness whereof I hand this document over to him, authenticated by the seal of this Sacred Church.

Given in St. James de Compostela on the (day) … (month) … A.D. …

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