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Leon – Villar de Mazarife

I had heard that Kaas was suffering from tendonitis. I had not seen him for a while so that explained his absence. He had been advised by a doctor to take several days rest which was what he was doing back along the track. I also got a message from Lorenzo. He was approaching Astorga […]

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Reliegos – Leon

No matter how many days you walk, its amazing how each day has its flavour, its atmosphere, its weather. Today was not hot nor cold, not wet nor dry, just different. The way out of Reliegos followed a road to Mansilla de las Mulas. There was no traffic apart from a couple of tractors. In […]

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El Burgo Ranero – Reliegos

I awoke early to the shining sunrise not really sure where I was. I had slept well in the bivi bag on the edge of town. Hungry I headed into El Burgo Ranero to find a cafe. There were two next to each other in the centre of town. At the first cafe I bought […]

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Ledigos – El Burgo Ranero

The day was damp after last night’s huge storm. I made some breakfast in the small kitchen at the albergue. There was a fantastic earthen pizza oven there – if there had been more people around last night I would have asked if we could have used it! As I set off I said good […]

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Carrion de los Condes – Ledigos

When I did the supermarket shop last night, all I could find were bulk buys, large packets and heavy items. Shopping on the Camino often means that a few days can go by without the opportunity to stock up. It is of course possible to pay for a pilgrim meal in most overnight stops, but […]

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Boadilla del Camino – Carrion de los Condes

As forecast, the day was cloudy and it looked like rain. Another subdued day but a day none the less for walking. Its easier walking in this type of weather but not so good for photography being less inspiring with the flat light. It was starting to drizzle when I left the village of Boadilla […]

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Castrojeriz – Boadilla del Camino

The sun was streaming through the window of the dormitory when I awoke. Gregorian chant music and opera was playing in the background. One of the volunteers was singing along and happy with the new day. With the deep sleep I had just had, it was not too difficult to relax for a while before […]

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Hornillos del Camino – Castrojeriz

The Camino from Hornillos del Camino was truly wonderful. A good quality path led out of the village onto a high flat plateau. It was covered in mounds of stones and had magnificent displays of wild flowers. It was like a huge rock garden. There was an albergue at Sambol which I later found out […]

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Burgos – Hornillos del Camino

So, apart from losing a pair of socks in Logrono, I could not find a blue tee-shirt I had left out overnight to dry. Oh well, to be expected I suppose. After leaving the albergue I searched for a photo shop to buy another memory card. They didn’t open till 10am so I had breakfast […]

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Atapuerca – Burgos

This would be an easy day with only 15 kilometres to Burgos. It would be strange arriving in a big city again after so much calm and peace in the country of the Montes de Oca. Atapuerca had been a great stop for the night. The village was friendly and alive with visitors, people laughing, […]

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