Figeac – Cajarc

The trusty Miam Miam Dodo guide book

The trusty Miam Miam Dodo guide book

I had enjoyed Figeac (apart from being locked out!). The first main town after many days it had an air of modernity steeped in its historic buildings. The way of life seemed relaxed and the people friendly. I was not however inspired to take photographs. Instead I was looking for photographs. Looking at the light and what could be a good photograph. Since Conques I had not taken a photograph. Just taken memories with my mind.

I was increasingly finding the rhythm of the Way of Saint James. I looked forward to rising early and heading out into the cool air of early morning. Trying to complete as much as possible of the day’s walk before it became too hot. Resting and dozing under a shady tree when it became too hot. Continuing in the late afternoon sun with the smells and sounds of the cooling country and often seeing a lot of wildlife.

I walked alone again. In a small village called Faycelles I found a restaurant called La Forge and had a coffee. I chatted with the owner and he wished me well with the walk to Santiago giving me a free coffee and filling the water bottle.

It seemed a long way to Cajarc, still moving slowly up hill and the feet were sore. It was only a few kilometres but each kilometre was getting longer and more tiring. It was 36 degrees Centigrade. Finally the Lot River appeared again far below with Cajarc resting on it’s edge. The valley was composed of tall cliffs plunging down to the river. A steep descent followed past caves and escarpments and I was glad to arrive at the Gite Municipale.

That evening I met up with Hubert and Francoise again. We had a dinner of local sausage and chips and a few beers. Back at the gite I chatted to a girl from Lille. I can’t remember her very Brittany name but there was a strong connection. I planned to stay in Cajarc another day while she was going to continue to Varaire. I wanted to meet up with her later on the Way.

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