Saint Alban sur Limagnole – Aumont Aubrac

Rando-Etape is a basic type of accommodation for walkers

Rando-Etape is a basic type of accommodation for walkers

The light rain started again while crossing a wide valley. After leaving Saint Alban sur Limagnole earlier there had been some sun. It had looked like a perfect day for walking. By now however I was getting used to the rain and with the poncho I didn’t mind. With head to foot cover the poncho also covered the rucksack. When I bought it in Saugues the lady in the shop advised I should buy the extra extra large size. I thought she was mad at the time but now was very happy. It was like a moving tent and warm and dry.

The Way rose again and the temperature dropped a bit more. I met Frédéric who was on his way back to Saint Alban sur Limagnole. Frédéric’s passion was to leave his car where he stayed the previous night, walk the next stage then run back to pick up his car. He then drove to the next place of accommodation. Don’t ask me why.

The walk was an easy one today covering only 15km. The weather however was uninspiring photographically. The countryside was wonderful but not easy to capture on camera in the rain! Today I have no more photographs to offer.

La Ferme du Barry was full in Aumont-Aubrac. It was Ascension and another holiday weekend. There was a rumour that there were mattresses in the church hall. When I got there Marie and Sophie were there. Deirdré from Canada was also there and warned me about the church warden. I left my rucksack and went to explore.

Returning to the church hall, as warned, the church warden was there grumbling and mumbling about all the pilgrims that had turning up. He was a bit strange and not very welcoming. Someone had left a radiator on earlier and he was not in a good mood. Later in the evening he was snooping around upstairs in the dormitory area.

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