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La Romieu – Lasserre de Haut

‘Le Camp de Florence’ camp site was still damp when I awoke and I had to pack up a wet tarp and bivi bag. It was a great nights sleep even in the rainy conditions. Breakfast consisted of fresh Pain aux Raisins and coffee at the camp site bar and my spirits lifted. I followed […]

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Lectoure – La Romieu

Lectoure is one of the oldest towns in the Gers. The Cathedral of SS Gervais and Protais is wonderful. The town itself is surrounded by ramparts and has a 17th century Hotel de Ville. On the way out of town I stopped at a small shop for provisions. As I laid the rucksack against the […]

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Auvillar – Lectoure

The town was just as impressive in the morning and I had slept well. Initially when I had arrived, there was no one else in the room. Later a cyclist called Marc had arrived and we chatted about his trip all the way from Germany. He was heading to Lisbon! I look forward to doing […]

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Moissac – Auvillar

The Way led out of town along the Canal latéral next to the Tarn river. Soon it joined the Garonne. The path headed uphill through small villages. Many pilgrims followed the road by the canal but I wanted to get a better view of where the two rivers met. It was a good choice even […]

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Lauzerte – Moissac

In the morning the town was totally deserted and very quiet. I waited until 9am for the post office to open. The previous night I had sorted out some more things to post home. 1.7kg lighter I descended from the town. Outside the fortified walls there were a few shops and cafes. I continued on […]

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Lascabanes – Lauzerte

It must have been some storm. I awoke several times during the night as more storm cells passed. In the morning everything was cool and wet. The heat had gone from the atmosphere and I began walking again. Within a few yards the evidence of the storm was apparent. A huge tree lay across the […]

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Cahors – Lascabanes

Cahors was a pleasant town consisting of the old town and its modern suburbs. With a population of about 25000 it is not large. The old town and Cathedral are impressive and worth visiting. I knew the general direction out of town to continue on the way. After a short time I found the familiar […]

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Le Pech – Cahors

A 6am start. The morning was cool and fresh for the walk to Cahors. It would only be 12 kilometres today. There was a path down through the trees to rejoin the Via Podiensis. Shortly after it passed under the A20 autoroute. It was strange to see all the vehicles rushing past as I plodded […]

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Varaire – Le Pech

Looking at the map the road looked like the shorter option. The Via Podiensis as marked required a backtrack for a short distance then a bit of a detour. It was always more pleasant to follow the path but the roads were quiet so I headed off along the tarmac. It was two kilometres less […]

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Cajarc – Varaire

I slept on as those around packed and left early. With the hot weather most were keen to cover the kilometres before it became too uncomfortable and to arrive before mid-afternoon and its heat. I too had to pack and leave as the gite was fully booked that night. I was told there were tents […]

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