Lasserre de Haut – Eauze

St Jacques scallops on a door step

St Jacques scallops on a door step

The relaxing gardens of the gite

The relaxing gardens of the gite

Hot coffee and bread for breakfast. The day was cool and windy and perfect weather for walking. Joelle in the Gite accepted no payment for my stay. I had taken many photographs of the house both inside and out and all she wanted was for me to send her a post card from Santiago de Compostela. I made a note to do so.

Francoise, Hubert and myself headed off but not before I had taken more photographs. We passed through some more of the vines that made up the vineyards of the Gascogne region. Soon we had covered the 2 km or so to Montréal du Gers. A small town it had an unusual feature at the church. Hubert pointed out a deep hole on the exterior wall. We looked down to see lots of bones. The dead used to be piled one upon the another in the deep shaft to be nearer to God.

Leaving Montréal du Gers we took a small detour to Séviac, the site of one of the most important Roman excavations in France. The archaeological site was large and was the mansion of a retired Roman general. Many of the intricate tiled flooring remained. It was well worth the detour. There was even a €1 discount on the entry fee for pilgrims! Leaving the site ‘bushman’ Hubert found some amazing wild strawberries that kept us going until lunchtime. Francoise continued her steady walk happy and smiling with us as Hubert extolled the French countryside.

The fields nearby contained regularly spaced cages each containing a crow. Apparently it is illegal to shoot crows in France so farmers set up the cages. The cages would attract others crows through the one way opening. Later the farmer would ‘dispatch’ them.

Soon we were amongst the vineyards that produced Floc de Gasgogne, a local drink made from one third armagnac and two-thirds grape juice in either white or red varieties. Hubert continued to be a fountain of knowledge on such things. As we passed wheat fields he pointed out and distinguished the crop as blé (wheat for bread), blé dur (durum wheat for pasta) or the taller triticale wheat (lower quality for animal feed).

Notes in The Miam Miam DoDo Guide

Notes in The Miam Miam DoDo Guide

No long after we were in Eauze where we would spend the night. I checked into the very basic Gite Communal. Later in the evening Hubert, Francoise and myself sampled the delicious Floc de Gascogne. I dropped off quickly into a deep sleep not long after returning to the gite.

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    LOVE your photos…am totally enjoying your blog.

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    Thanks Karin. I enjoy sharing what was a great experience and wonderful walk!

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